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Let our Professional Karaoke Hosts get your party started! We have thousands of hit songs, inspiring high quality sound systems and the expertise to take your guests to new heights. These were just ordinary people till the karaoke kicked in and then they became legends in the making. Who cares whether they can sing, as they belted out "We are the champions" this group certainly didn't!

For 30 years now karaoke has managed to remain one of the most popular parties you can throw. Sing solos, duets or karaoke flash mob. The party just gets better and better the more you sing!

Karaoke is often misspelled...karioke, kareoke, karoke, kareoky, careoky, kareokie. No matter how you spell it Karaoke means “Empty Orchestra

Leading the Ontario karaoke market with 30 years experience and over 20,000 events and rentals

We supply the DJ - Host, a great sound system, karaoke mics, a singers monitor, thousands of great karaoke songs from the 50's to recent and 6 catalogs by artist and title to keep the song requests moving.

We provide an LCD TV or projector and screen for the audience to watch and sing along

Your host handles everything from start to finish, we can even mix in music for dancing if required

Call to discuss your event and get a very competitive quote

The party was a huge success! Everyone participated and had a blast! Thank you for sending Scott... it was an excellent choice. Next time we have a party I will call you for sure... and recommend you to others! Thanks again! Line Marie 🙂